Yeshiva Schools’ annual raffle is upon us, and this year we’re doing something special with the proceeds. As you know, last school year we met with representatives of our parent body to help make Yeshiva Schools even better. We’re well on our way to implementing many of our goals, and we’re excited to continue toward providing the best possible education for our children. There is one goal, however, where we need your help, and it’s an important one.

As you know, arts education is a cornerstone of a well-rounded and enriched life. Research has shown impressive benefits including student motivation, attitude, and attendance, and improved school culture. The leader of Chabad Lubavitch, the Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, took an active interest in encouraging artists in pursuing their art, and spoke highly of art’s ability to shift our perception to those things that matter most. So when our parents suggested improved arts education, we agreed wholeheartedly.

The school already has a small but budding arts program devoted to art, music, and dance, and we’re very excited to grow it. But art education often gets lost in our drive to meet and exceed curricular and national testing standards. This problem is not unique to us, but exists across both public and private schools. What is unique to Yeshiva Schools is its special community, and the dedication we have to giving our students the best we can. That’s why this year we’ve chosen to direct all the proceeds from our annual fundraising raffle towards supporting our arts program. And once again we reach out to our community for help.