Extracurricular Programs

Tzivos Hashem
For students in Grades 1-6, the international Tzivos Hashem program provides weekly missions for students to perform. Successful completion of their missions earns students medals and recognition, and eventually moves them up in rank towards becoming a Tzivos HaShem General.

International Sefer Hamitzvos Chidon
Our 4th-8th grade students have a chance to compete in the annual Chidon. The girls and boys spend months studying the mitzvos in detail. Every few months, there is a detailed test and the top-scoring students get a chance to compete with children from all over the world for international prizes and recognition. Every student has an opportunity to earn weekly prizes as well.

On Fridays, yomim tovim, and on special Chassidic dates, our students share the joys of yiddishkeit with the local community. They visit nursing homes, hospitals, or simply share Shabbos candles or lulavim with passersby.

Special Days in the Jewish Calendar
Special events are organized for Rosh Chodesh and other special days on the Jewish calendar, including exciting programs and rallies for Chassidic yomim tovim, spirit days, menorah art contests, and much more.

Bas Mitzvah Club
The Bas Mitzvah Club is an interactive, educational, and fun program enhancing the process of becoming a Bas Mitzvah.

Girls High School
Organized by elected high school students, girls’ high school programs include melava malkas, ice skating, and assemblies for special events.

Torah Baal Peh
The Torah baal peh competition encourages boys and girls to memorize lines of Tanya, Mishnayos, and other texts. They are tested to earn points towards great prizes. At the end of the year, there is a Chidon Pirkei Avos competition, in which boys study the weekly chapter of Pirkei Avos, get tested in detail and earn amazing prizes!