Tuition & Scholarships

Yeshiva Schools understands the expense of a private Jewish education and is committed to working with each family according to their financial means. For our in-town families, attendance at Yeshiva Schools is made possible through a hybrid of state funding, support from the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, and our equitable scholarship formula. We also work with out-of-town families to develop tuition arrangements for students attending the high school program.

Scholarship Application
For in-town families, the scholarship application generally opens in early April. Yeshiva School’s scholarship application materials are available online. We use the scholarship services of the FACTS Management Company, which provides this service to similar institutions in Pittsburgh and across the country. The Pittsburgh Jewish Educational Improvement Foundation, which administers EITC scholarships awarded to Yeshiva Schools, also uses FACTS for its scholarship application. This means a single application satisfies the needs of both Yeshiva Schools and EITC.

Out-of-town families planning on sending children to Pittsburgh should contact Rabbi Chezky Rosenfeld for more information about the scholarship program.

For those families completing the scholarship application by the submission deadline, Yeshiva Schools will cover the $35.00 fee charged by FACTS. Those families who miss the deadline will have to pay the $35.00.

Tuition and fees are generally finalized prior to the opening of the scholarship applications and enrollments, but Yeshiva does reserve the right to change them prior to the start of the school year.


Mrs. Ashirah King
Student Affairs Administrator
412-422-7300 x1235

Rabbi Chezky Rosenfeld
Chief Operating Officer
412-697-7479 x1217