Out of Town Students

Yeshiva Schools welcomes out-of-town students to enroll in our acclaimed mesivta and girls high school. For nearly six decades, our high schools have drawn hundreds of students from across North America, giving them access to the highest quality Chabad chinuch. Today, we are proud to offer comfortable dorms that fully cater to the out-of-town student. Each dorm acts as a warm home-away-from-home, infused with Chassidishkeit and overseen by caring role models, giving out-of-town students the well-rounded Yeshiva experience they deserve.

Located in the heart of the Jewish community of Squirrel Hill, Yeshiva Schools capitalizes on our prime location to holistically integrate students into the Chabad community and provide meaningful social interactions for students in our dormitories.

Please note that, while both are affiliated with the school, the mesivta and girls high school dorms are located in different parts of the Squirrel Hill neighborhood and all matters of tznius are adhered to on the highest level.

Girls’ High School Out of Town Students

Yeshiva Girls’ High School welcomes many out-of-town girls who enhance our diverse school community.

​The Girls’ High School Dorm
The Girls’ High School Dorm is housed in a newly renovated building. The facilities are comfortable, spacious, and include a lounge and dining area. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are readily available in the dorm. Dinner is catered and delivered fresh daily. A warm and caring dorm mother oversees the comfort of the dorm and takes care of the girls’ needs. Our staff ensures student safety and security after school hours and guides after-school recreational activities. Yeshiva Girls’ High School often harnesses talent from within the community to ensure that students living in the dorm have their evenings filled with productive activities and skill-enhancing experiences.

Nestled in the heart of the Jewish community, the dormitory is within walking distance to the school. The dorm is also near Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill’s Jewish Main Street, with easy access to Kosher shopping and eateries, a Jewish bookstore, cleaners, and a pharmacy.

I have been truly privileged to have three daughters attend high school at Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh. The school has been a guiding light for my girls. The staff’s care, their honest interest in my daughters’ wellbeing and happiness, their excellent methods of inspiring and teaching the girls to be true Bnos Yisroel and Bnos Chabad has been a wonder to observe. The Rebbe is surely proud of this institution. I know I am!
– Sara D.

Mesivta Out of Town Students

The Mesivta at Yeshiva is comprised of over two-thirds out-of-town students. Our boys arrive from a range of backgrounds – both Shlichus families and Chabad out-of-town communities are well represented – as well as cities across North America. The diversity strengthens our school community, as each Bochur adds his own unique contribution.

The Mesivta Dorm
The two Mesivta dormitories are located in renovated buildings around the corner from the boys’ high school building on Wightman Street. This ideal location gives our students a short, walkable commute to school and shul, and is within walking distance to most of Squirrel Hill. Each dorm is outfitted with comfortable bedrooms and living facilities, including a lounge room and games area.

Our dorm is staffed by dedicated dorm counselors who oversee all safety and security as well as tending to the individual needs of the boys. Our warm counselors truly care for every boy and are readily available to assist in any way possible. Three fresh and nutritious meals a day are provided by our Yeshiva chef, and ample snacks are available. Our students also benefit from our wonderful Shluchim, who arrange extensive extra-curricular programming, including trips and Melaveh Malkas. These carefully chosen role models provide our bochurim with one-on-one mentorship and guidance. Our Shluchim love to treat our boys to fun meals (pizza is a favorite!) for special occasions.