Emil and Rita Herman, OBM


Dear Friend,
Both Emil and Rita Herman, of blessed memory, dedicated their lives to the success of the Yeshiva Achei Tmimim of Pittsburgh. They understood that authentic Jewish education is the only way to raise future generations of passionate, devoted Jews.
As you may remember, Rita z”l taught in the kindergarten and first grade, using her education background to implement innovative math and reading programs into Yeshiva Schools.  Emil z”l, used his own resources to provide whatever was needed to improve the curriculum and enhance the physical building… and he sold a lot of fundraising raffles! Anyone who knew the Hermans will certainly recall how much they both delighted in entertaining and reading aloud  to children. It is very fitting that instead of a memorial plaque or item in their honor, we create a living, useful project that brings together everything they cared about and that benefits the Yeshiva.
For this reason, we’d like to invite you to help us provide classic children’s literature with good values and high quality Jewish picture books for the Yeshiva preschool. Teachers will be able to choose from a wonderful collection for storytime… to enhance the lessons they are teaching and to instill a love of reading within the very youngest children.

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