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Do you believe in the power and possibility of a great Jewish education? We do.

Yeshiva Schools is dedicated to providing our nearly 500 enrolled students with the highest quality Jewish education. Each year, the generosity of Yeshiva Schools parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and wider community members allows us to create exceptional opportunities and experiences for our students. While tuition supplies a strong financial base, philanthropy heightens the level of compassion, ambition, and creativity that would not be possible through tuition alone.

Yeshiva Schools welcomes your support to ensure that all students can benefit from an excellent Yeshiva education.

Yeshiva Schools is committed to aligning every aspect of our fundraising efforts to the fulfillment of our mission. All fundraising activities are directly linked to a school program or strategic initiative. Please donate to one or all of our mission-driven quarterly campaigns and consider us in your tax-related giving opportunities.

Annual Campaigns

  • Annual dinner and silent auction to support Yeshiva’s administrative operations.
  • Annual raffle to spearhead the arts program.
  • Charidy campaign to underwrite the Wellness Division.
  • Homecoming to augment academic excellence.
  • Keren Ephraim to enhance the wellbeing of Yeshiva faculty.

Tax-Related Giving Opportunities

  • SPE: A Special Purpose Entity is the ability to designate up to 90 percent of your PA state tax obligation for a charity donation. Yeshiva parents who file an SPE can earmark the donation towards Yeshiva Schools. Non-Yeshiva donors can choose SPE to assist a Yeshiva family’s tuition. SPE is a great way to put your tax dollars to work for a good cause.
  • EITC: A tax credit for bigger business, the Educational Improvement Tax Credit directly funds Yeshiva scholarships. EITC is a win-win for businesses and our school students.

Please contact Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum at to discuss your giving opportunities.

We thank you for making Yeshiva Schools a giving priority!

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