Yeshiva Schools Campus

Nestled between two city parks and within minutes of world renowned hospitals and universities, Squirrel Hill is one of Pittsburgh’s most affluent and well-educated neighborhoods, and a hub for Jewish life in Western Pennsylvania. It contains more than a quarter of Greater Pittsburgh’s Jewish population, and the small ten by five block radius of Orthodox life within the neighborhood hosts a nearly a dozen long-established synagogues and three day schools. Orthodox life in Squirrel Hill is uniquely integrated, with Chabad Chasidic, Modern, Kollel and Black Hat communities all existing in cooperation. And The Yeshiva Schools’ boys and girls campuses are perfectly situated at near opposite corners of the neighborhood, with the majority of our families living between and around them.

Boys’ School Campus
The Boys’ School campus is situated on the corner of Wightman and Hobart Streets, and within the same building as the Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue. It hosts an indoor gym and laboratory and technology facilities, as well as an outdoor play and gathering area for nicer days. Half a block away, Davis Park features basketball, hockey, and tennis courts, as well as a playground for younger children.

Girls’ School and TELC Campus
Our Girls’ School and TELC campus is right off of Forbes and Shady Avenues on Denniston Street. The campus boasts a beautiful recently remodeled playground and play area, as well as a laboratory and a school auditorium. The campus recently expanded to include a nearby building, and will soon be remodeled to offer even more space for classrooms and facilities for our students.

Campus Health and Safety
Yeshiva Schools places a premium on student health and security. Both campuses have been upgraded with the latest school safety features and are guarded by full-time security personnel. In response to COVID-19, Yeshiva has implemented health and safety precautions beyond CDC guidelines, and is proud to maintain a healthy environment for student safety. These initiatives, as well as our continuously upgraded technology infrastructure and online schooling capabilities, are thanks in part to generous grants from the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.