Wellness at Yeshiva

Yeshiva Schools has adopted a safe and resilient approach to student wellness. This wellness model provides increased access to behavioral and mental health services, effective community collaboration, an increased feeling of physical, social, and emotional safety among students, and positive and culturally responsive discipline policies and practices that increase school connectedness.

It is our firm belief that a school that prioritizes student wellness will create a safe and supportive environment where students will make positive connections with adults and peers. This will have a calming effect, enabling students to focus better, behave more appropriately, and feel confident to advance in life educationally, physically, and spiritually.

Wellness at Yeshiva includes a broad range of services and programs, such as:

  • The Elaine Hashimi Wellness Division, staffed by qualified professionals
  • Creation of learning and behavior plans
  • Free, individual therapy
  • Curriculum addressing both physical and social-emotional health
  • Social-emotional skill groups
  • Pull-out and push-in support
  • Student workshops
  • Staff training and events
  • Parent education sessions
  • one-on-one teen mentoring 
  • extracurricular trips and events
  • enrichment courses featuring art, music, etc.
  • In-house wellness suites and other wellness-focused spaces

We are working to create a broad culture of wellness in our school for all community members—parents, teachers, and, of course, students. 


Dr. Yisroel King
Wellness Director