The Rabbi Ephraim and Miriam Rosenblum Memorial Entrance

Greetings and blessings,

As you may have heard, Yeshiva Schools is embarking on a capital campaign to raise funds for the construction and completion of the new Yeshiva Schools complex. As part of the campaign, and in keeping with ancient custom among the Jewish people, naming rights are being given to donors who provide substantial contributions.

Our father, Rabbi Ephraim Rosenblum, was a beloved shaliach and devoted educator. He was highly regarded by his students and peers. He had the ability to reach each student where he or she was, and to encourage each one to meet his or her potential. The Lubavitcher Rebbe himself told him, “G-d forbid you should leave education.” Our mother, Miriam Rosenblum, was an equally devoted shluchah and educator, and selflessly committed to the health and wellbeing of every Jew. She founded the Keren Rachaim organization in Pittsburgh, and dedicated herself to supporting those in financial, physical, and spiritual need. Our father was known to say, “Everything I do is ordinary. My wife is extraordinary.” Together, our beloved parents fulfilled the axiom of our Torah; love your fellow Jew as yourself. In keeping with the dictates of Chabad Chassidus, they made no distinction in outward form, but treated every single soul that came before them as an equal part of G-d above.

In hopes of furthering our parent’s commitments and honoring their name, we in the Rosenblum family are participating in the building fund with the intent of naming the main entrance after our parents. We feel this is especially appropriate, since our parents provided a welcoming and open entrance to Torah and Judaism for so many. Since they saw all as family, we want to share that honor with everyone they touched.

The entrance will be dedicated with a picture of our beloved parents and a plaque underneath listing all the donors. In keeping with the spirit of their selfless devotion, all donors, no matter their donation, will be given equal representation and listed simply in alphabetical order. In that way, we hope to emulate the achdus and ahavah our parents embodied.

Please give what you can. The standard form is listed in tiers, but every dollar counts and every soul will be counted.

Our thanks and blessings, with the hopes that our parents will dance upon its completion after the coming of Moshiach, speedily in our days.

The Rosenblum Family