Stand Together is a program in which students are educated about an issue and then take action to address the issue. The Stand Together initiative trains, inspires and equips middle and high school youth to take action against stigma toward youth with mental and/or substance use disorders to reduce negative attitudes, beliefs, and social isolation between youth with these disorders and their peers. Mrs. Leah Herman is the advisor at Yeshiva Girls High School and she has selected seven students to participate in the project.

The Stand Together team for 2020-2021 are: Toba Grossman, Basya Taub, Abby Ben-Lapid, Leeba Davidson, Devori Fishman, Binie Harlig and Chana Weiss. These team members have shown interest and enthusiasm in becoming champions for mental health in our school. We applaud each one of these students for participating in days of training and for working towards implementing anti-stigma projects for the student population.

The team members have attended 2 days of training and are scheduled for their upcoming 3rd training on the first Friday in December. The girls listened, discussed and actively participated in conversations about mental health, substance use disorders, as well as the impact of stigma on youth. The trainings were presented through interactive lessons using videos, games and exercises that actively engage them in the learning process. The team members displayed empathy, sensitivity and introspection in the ways they were able to discuss and share their thoughts and ideas on mental health. Stay tuned for projects and activities that will be planned and implemented by this wonderful group of high school students!