For years, the Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh Girls School had to turn away some out-of-town students because of a lack of residences.

Each year, the school would match students with host families who housed girls during the school year. The number of out-of-town girls who could attend the private high school was limited by the number of families, typically between 10 and 15. With the opening of a new girls’ dormitory though, the school is set to eliminate its need for host families and double the number of out-of-town girls who can attend the school.

Yeshiva Schools, founded in 1943, will now begin to recruit students from outside Pittsburgh using different websites, social media and word of mouth.

“We’re a known commodity,” Rosenblum said. “I think the announcement [of the dormitory] will create a certain amount of excitement. It’s not a new school just starting out.”

The school will be repurposing a building in Squirrel Hill, according to Rosenblum, meaning that the cost to create the dormitory will be relatively small and the project will not require a capital campaign or fundraising.

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