On April 14, Yeshiva Girls High School students participated in their very first Wellness Fair, organized by principal Mrs. Deren. The fair, which was aimed at helping students understand the importance of nurturing their mind, body, and soul, was made up of engaging workshops that encompassed the ongoing theme of wellness in the Girls High School.

The day started with davening, healthy breakfast organized by the Girls High School shluchos, and an inspirational talk by Montana shlucha Mrs. Chavie Bruk. Mrs. Bruk spoke about her personal journey of finding Hashem in both the high and low moments of life. Following Mrs. Bruk’s talk, the girls were split into groups for a day of wellness workshops.

During the morning workshops, the students met with Mrs. Dvori Levine and Dr. Madeline Nassida. Mrs. Levine, who flew in from New York to meet with students, spoke about body image, recognizing the beauty we have within, and the Rebbe’s guidance on how a healthy body is connected to having a healthy soul. Dr. Nassida, our wellness director, spoke to the girls about tools to manage stress and anxiety, and how to seek help if needed. The morning session concluded with a movement workshop by Bodiography dance studio to help the girls understand the importance of physical activity and emotional and spiritual health.

During afternoon workshops, the girls met with Mrs. Leah Herman and Dr. Pinny Herman. Mrs. Herman, who oversees the “Stand Together” program at Yeshiva, led the students in a discussion about the stigma of mental health issues and learning to let go of the judgements associated with struggles in mental health. In Dr. Herman’s workshop, the students learned about the realities of modern day drug use and the facts and myths about drugs and alcohol.