Have you ever wondered what it is that makes children tick? What drives them to explore and make sense of the world around them? Where they fit in? What motivates and inspires them to keep asking questions and wanting to learn more?

One word: Connection. Strong healthy connections with the adults in their lives foster the growth and ability of our youth to accomplish any mission that they put their minds to.

On Sunday, Feb 21st, the Yeshiva school administration began a ten-hour training course with Rabbi Yaakov Chaiton, certified CBT practitioner and founder of Education Through Connection.

“Connection really begins with self,” mentioned Rabbi Chaiton, “the fundamental question is, am I willing to connect to myself and make the difficult internal changes?” This really encapsulates what Education Through Connection is all about. Role modeling how and what we would like our children to learn from.

One admin commented, “It was really powerful learning how to encourage students to take ownership of their actions and problem-solve for themselves.” Throughout the engaging, practical, and insightful sessions, they began mapping out a plan to bring this to every classroom and, even further, into every home. These ideas, strategies, and tools are built upon the foundations of Chassidic philosophy and incorporated with CBT and Conscious Discipline.