Boys Mesivta

Our mesivta program focuses on developing our young men academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Academic Achievement
Our Judaic studies and general studies programs work in parallel to develop the whole child. The Judaic studies program provides instruction in the core content and skills areas of Chumash, Gemara, halacha, and yahadus. The general studies program provides instruction in the core content areas of reading, math, science, and social studies. Our dedicated staff work to help our young men achieve excellence in both Judaic and general studies. The goal for our mesivta students is to become independent learners of Torah. Many mesivta Judaic classes are divided by skill rather than grades, with an emphasis on guided chavrusa learning. The Judaic curricula focus on a gradual building of skills and knowledge so that, upon graduation, our bochurim can easily learn Torah on their own. In general studies, the mesivta program builds on the work in early and upper elementary, with the focus on preparation for college and careers. Our curricula include advanced courses through the use of novel study, upper level math, STEM, and exploration or world and US history.

Emotional Awareness
The mesivta recognizes the importance of developing students socially and emotionally. The school provides a small classroom environment that allows students to build self-confidence and self-efficacy, and the dedicated staff focuses on helping young men grow as individuals within a cohesive group. The mesivta works to promote a feeling of family in its halls. The year is filled with many after-school activities that promote unity, relaxation, and enrichment. Students are provided a space to grow as young, Jewish men, well-grounded in their principles while striving for challenging goals

Spiritual Growth
In addition to providing foundational skills in the pursuance of a religious life, the full day program gives the boys opportunities for growing in their yiddishkeit, building yiras shamayim, and developing a connection with the Rebbe. Mashpiim and administrators are on first-name basis with each bochur. Our dedicated Judaic teachers provide personal, ethical examples and work to instill strong Judaic values in their classrooms, and offer in-school farbrengens and special programs. In addition, our six shluchim work with the boys on learning and activities throughout the day. In all we do, we seek to create independent individuals who can proudly bring their Jewish heritage and identity into the modern world.


Rabbi Eliezer Shusterman
Mesivta Principal
412-422-7300 x1232

Rabbi Mendel Unsdorfer
Mesivta Assistant Principal
412-422-7300 x1233